Biometrics - Ident...

One person = one identity = one ID West Digital Biometric Identification (BioIDent) solutions allow the...

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Smart card

A Smart Card Resembles A Credit Card In Size And Shape, But Inside It Is Completely Different. First Of A...

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Web Solutions

Employing the latest internet based technology platforms and web-based applications we ensure that your w...

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Software Solution

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been theindust...

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Welcome to our site

West Digital Limited is an IT (Information Technology) Consulting firm focusing on providing professional IT Services to Industries such as Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Education, Financial, Health, Insurance, Government and Corporate Organisations.


We are a team of IT Professionals. We provide a comprehensive range of services. Our industry experience includes Human Resource Management, Pension Administration solutions, Software Application Development, Web & Cloud Solution, Biometrics and Smart Cards Solution, Time And Attendance Solution, Network Security And Forensics Services, Training,  Security Solutions,  Media, Medical & Health solutions, Oil & Gas, Public Sector (Transportation), Telecommunications and Information Technology Consultancy services.


We are young vibrant and experienced professionals, with over 25yrs combined experence from different and diverse backgrounds. We deliver and deploy solution with the future in mind. Our approach is to take inventory and understand your immediate and future requirements.



18 JAN 2014



This site is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our most valuable asset. This site is dedicat...


Recent Project

Penacle CIMS

Penacle Crime Information Management System is the way to go. Perfect solution for the security agencies. Secu...

Penacle AMS

Penacle Asset Management System is tailored to help organisation manage their asset uniquely. The software is ...
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